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What is all about?

The idea

The hôtel La Nouvelle République proposes to return to the source of hospitality

A breakfast always included 
Rooms  with maximum of well-being
Spaces to relax without constraint
Use of materials to stimulate your imagination
and of course a team is available driven to service, service, service ....

History of material : Clay

As we renovated the building we use irrelevant and noble and original material such as clay for most of our walls.
Clay has a silent power and we feel you can benefit for it immediatly
You breathe better, you feel better..


Why the hand as a Logo ?

The hotel is located in one of the last multicultural districts of Paris. Several communities are present.
We have taken as emblem the so-called Fatima Hand, we have "laicized" it.
Historically, the hand of Fatima is hanged on top of the doors of the houses, it protects from the "bad eye".
She protects us all.

There is another reason to choose the hand as an emblem: many artists worked for the renovation of this hotel, in a spirit of "tailor-made" and done "by hand".



Why La Nouvelle République ?

The name "The New Republic" sounds like an invitation
to share a new territory with new cards.

Places are not indifferent to us: what they have solely inspire us
and allows us to experiment something else of ourselves.


hôtel la Nouvelle République

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