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What is all about ?

The hotel opened its doors "quietly" end of 2017 after a very heavy renovation from "floor-to-ceiling".
We have designed 30 rooms with services all along for our guests


Hotel La Nouvelle République - Photo

The idea

The hotel is an invitation to return to the sources of hospitality: "Room" and the "board"

Generosity, we are always here to help you
Benevolence, we care about you
Curiosity, we make you want to love Paris
Creativity, the hotel is your tool for the sake of your imagination

The Team

10 people work for the hotel: The nationalities present are the image of the world today, very diverse.

We all share a strong empathy and the desire to do well.

History of material : Clay

As we renovated the building we privileged the noble and original materialsuch as clay for most of our walls.
Clay has a silent power and we feel its benefit, we breathe better, we feel better..


Art section

hôtel la Nouvelle République

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