Stéphanie Nava (born in 1973 in Marseille, lives and works between Paris and Marseille) is interested in spaces of flux, of relationships - like the city - and their mechanisms, in a hybrid production which, depending on the case, is drawing , photography, sculpture and furniture or engraving

After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Valencia, Stéphanie Nava moved to Marseille and exhibited her work regularly in France and abroad in a gallery or with institutions (IAC, Villeurbanne, Footbridge, Brest, La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel , MOCAD, Detroit, Viafarini, Milan ...). Winner of the Villa Medici Hors les Murs grant in 2005, she left for a research period in London where she worked on the ambitious project Considering a Plot (Dig for Victory) for several years.

"(...) The choice of this medium [the drawing] is partly determined by the immediacy of realization that it proposes. No need for technology, machines, technicians: I have autonomy and a direct relationship to my work. It is a medium that I appreciate for its versatility (in terms of formats and supports) but also for its very close relationship with writing in the broad sense, from text to geography to scientific diagrams. The drawing allows me to put objects in relation on surfaces and thus to make the narrative, to confront them discursively. My drawing is less a work of imagination than of observation, it is made of reports, observations and allows me to transcribe spatially, by the organization of forms - mostly figurative, reflections on what ' surrounded. (From an interview with Marie-Cécile Burnichon, 2013).

Stéphanie NAVA is represented by WILD PROJECTS.